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  1. A

    Mustang v6 AC not working - please help

    Hi, I have a Mustang 2013 with 45k miles - few days back the AC stopped blowing cold air. I took it to Pepboys and they said there is no leakage and it is the compressor not engaging. I do get air from the AC vent but it is not cold. Also I do not hear/feel the clicking or starting AC noise...
  2. palacekeeper

    Adding Vintage Air A/c To 1970 Mach 1

    I'm planning on having a shop add the Vintage A/C system to my 1970 Mach 1. I was also planning on replacing the radiator at the same time. For the most part, I'm trying to keep it close to original, so I was figuring on having them install the factory replacement radiator. My question is...
  3. Createawon1

    Will My Heat Still Work?

    Hi, 89 GT convertable with 160,xxx I am planning on deleting my A/C with the Ford Racing delete/power steering relocate. I live in the Colorado mountains and always just pop the top if I am hot. A/C doesn't work anyways and I want to clean up under the hood and loose some weight. I am wondering...