1. Jonatan Issa

    Hesitates at wot

    My 1993 fox sometimes it hesitates and you can hear like a pop sound on the back when you floor it. The car is completely stock like 2 weeks ago bought a 255 fuel pump Codes: 81,82,84
  2. D

    Carb Spitting

    Hey, I'm looking for some tips after rebuilding my holley double pumper. When I stomp on the pedal (idling) the car will sputter and if I press moderately it will spit fire out the primary and air out the secondary. If I press the gas gradually, there's no issues and it revs as expected. It...
  3. A

    Engine Turbo 5.0 Mustang bad misfire at WOT

    Hello, I have been having persistent problems since before I replaced the lower intake(about 2 months ago) when flooring it in my turbo fox. The first drive out after replacing the intake I discovered my fuel pump was just hanging in the fuel tank, so I fixed that, and the car ran like a bat out...
  4. breth3

    Engine 1990 5.0L Fox high rpm cutout and loud backfire - Need Help

    Hey Guys! I am new to the group here at Stangnet, I have visited a few times and you all have been more then helpful every time. So the problem is I pulled my engine this winter and re-did my strut towers and frame rails and did a whole bunch of frame and body work. I put the engine back in...
  5. C

    Backfire after cleaning injectors

    Hi, recently bought a 2004 v6 stang and have been having some trouble. When I first bought the car it was running great, no problems as far as I could tell and I was happy. Then I ran out of gas. After I refilled it the car was running terribly. Rough idle and felt like the car was really...
  6. lepryy

    Engine 1988 LX 5.0 shaking violently and popping under acceleration - video inside

    Hey everyone, I've been having some very concerning issues with my 1988 5.0. For starters, the car has completely stock engine internals. Here's a short 30 second clip of the issue I'm having: View: The issue is almost always in a high gear running...
  7. 0

    Backfire and stall, won’t crank

    I have an 03 roush 4.6L NA car, only mods done to it are CAI, Accufab 70mm TB and intake plenum, and exhaust. It threw a code last week for cam position sensor because it would backfire on start ups so I replaced that. I got a new ac system installed today, Just picked it up from the shop and on...
  8. F

    Loss of Power/Backfiring

    Ok, so this is kind of a long story so let me first start off with the model. It's an 89 Mustang GT (5.0). About a week ago I heard a knocking sound coming from the engine bay, so I took a look and thought the sound was coming from the alternator pulley. I took the alternator to O'reiley's and...
  9. J

    5.0 Ho Swapped Comet Lean Backfire Issue

    Hello all. My dad recently picked up a 1964 Mercury Comet, with 5.0 HO and AOD out of an 89-91 Mustang GT swapped in place of the original 289 and C4. We are having some issues with lean backfiring on slight accelerator application on occasion which I am trying to work through. When the car...
  10. B

    88 Mustang Gt No Power, Sputters Etc.

    Hello all, I've read through this website for a long time now but have never posted anything. I recently did a motor swap on my 88 Mustang because it was not running right by any means. The new motor was free from a family friend and was taken from a crate. After installation and a few thousand...
  11. M

    Engine Weird Idle/cruising Misfire

    Alright guys coming back to my roots here at Stanget hoping to solve this one. Recently swapped a PI 2v 4.6 with a Stroker kit into my 96 gt. Along the way I deleted my EGR because with Longtubes it's darn near impossible to put all that crap back on. Problem is I've had a little bit of a miss...
  12. D

    Electrical Isolate Starting System And Engine Sensor Circuits?

    Fellas, I've been chasing a No Spark/Surging Idle/Stall, Buck, Backfire problem for quite some time now. I have worked though most of the tech notes I've found on the online, studied the systems using the Helm manuals, as well as the diagrams by jrichker, tmoss & joel5.0, and Tom Cloud's...