bogged acceleration

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    Engine 2004 GT

    Hey guys! New to the forums. Been reading for awhile now though. I’ve got an issue that I can’t seem to pinpoint. I hope this is the right place to post. I’m a novice mechanic. My grandpa taught me the basics (plugs/wires/cap/oil change/etc) but I am in no way fully capable of deep repair...
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    Progress Thread 2000 Mustang Gt Poor Acceleration And Performance

    Hi guys, I own a 2000 mustang gt. I bought this car at the beginning of Feb. 2017. Ever since I've had the car I thought it felt a little off. Not full "power" and acceleration. I thought I'd do a tune up and see where I got being that the previous owners might've not did any maintenance. Long...
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    My 96 Mustang Gt Performance Issues

    I've had problems with my performance my Mustang for awhile now, I posted this in an old thread because I didn't know how to create a new one. Long story short, my car is bogged down upon acceleration. The power and pick up is not pure, or a clean horsepower if that makes sense. It's tainted, I...