1. Jonatan Issa

    Bogging at 3k rpm

    Have 93 fox with new spark plugs,new coil, cleaned maf,new air filter. The car cruising run good but at wot the car bog and hesitate exactly at 3k rpm, sometimes even don’t respond to throttle and die but turn it on and runs. Today it give code 11,63,33.
  2. BrittanyxMariex

    2006 Gt Blinking Check Engine Light

    Hi guys. So, over the last few weeks my 2006 mustang gt seems to be bogging out when I accelerate. It only does this when my RPMs are low. At high speeds, the car drives great. It kind of bogs out and sputters for a few seconds so I let my foot off the gas and then hit the gas again and the car...