2006 Gt Blinking Check Engine Light


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Nov 17, 2015
Phoenix, AZ
Hi guys.
So, over the last few weeks my 2006 mustang gt seems to be bogging out when I accelerate. It only does this when my RPMs are low. At high speeds, the car drives great. It kind of bogs out and sputters for a few seconds so I let my foot off the gas and then hit the gas again and the car is fine again. Well today on my way to work, my check engine light starting to blink on and off for about a minute, which I know indicates a misfire. The light did not come back on afterwards and I took it on break and it ran perfectly fine. The car has 0 problems starting up or staying running. Any ideas what this could be?
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Nov 18, 2015
i have a hard time believing that all 8 coils are bad, i would replace the plugs, and then depending on what codes were flagged i would only change the coils on the cylinders that were missing
Yup. Took it in today. One bad spark plug and all 8 coils are done. They tried to charge me $1500 lol. Just ordered the parts! Hopefully all is well after is.
Glad to hear you found the source of the problem!

I also have a hard time believing that all 8 coil packs would be bad. Sounds like someone is trying to make a quick dollar.