1. P

    Sway bar bolts?

    Hey everyone, I took out my front sway bar and the off the fire stabilizer bolts broke off of their brackets (there the ones that install into the frame - pictures included). Does anyone know where I can find these? Looks like they sell them for 2003+ Crown Vics but I can’t find them for this...
  2. T

    Stock Bolts on Shorty Headers

    Can I use stock bolts on new BBK shorty headers or do I need to order new bolts?
  3. A

    Fox Calling All Engine Builders

    Hello everybody, first post on here so please excuse me if this is on the wrong section. I was tearing down my 86’ 302 tonight, when it was taken part so that it was only the bottom end with the water and oil pumps still attached, I turned it upside down to let the oil drain out and these two...
  4. T

    Flywheel Bolts Size? 1 Inch Or 11/16

    I had to remove my flywheel, originally had 1 inch bolts on it. Went to Napa to get new bolts and I got 11/16 length bolts. Could I still use them?
  5. plantmeister

    Bolt Size For Filler Neck

    Hello all! This will be a quick one. I went to Auto zone for a new gas cap, and the guy there offered to take off the old one, which had a bracket on it, which held the gas cap to the car. He asked if I wanted the bracket back on, and I said no because it was broken. HOWEVER. he did not put...
  6. Project_66

    Engine 302 Motor In Car!

    The problem I'm having is that the car had this motor sitting in it when I bought it but was not hooked up! Missing water pump bolts and from the look of the serpentine belt it might be from a early 70s f100. Serpentine belt is not properly put on so I'm going to need a kit, so my question is...
  7. Project_66

    Need Help With This One! 1966 Mustang

    Hello everyone! So I'll make this short n sweet. I bought a basket case and I'm not giving up on this one. So with that said I need help with where to buy bolts and nuts that did go with this 1966 coup? Also was a straight six and came with a 302 with some sort of serpetine belt set up. Dose not...