1. H

    To boost or not to boost?

    Hey everybody, new to Stangnet, and the car community itself as well. I have an an 89 5.0 manual LX hatch. Bought it with an Edelbrock high rpm intake, 3.55 rear, headers, exhaust, and possibly a cam. I'm not too sure if it does for a few reasons. I may swap for a decent cam in the future...
  2. HeatShield

    Engine 347 Supercharge Planning

    Hey Guys, So I have a forged 347 currently running N/A with a 9.5-1 Compression ratio, E303 Cam, 30 lb/hr injectors, and a 190 L/hr fuel pump in my 89 Lx. I was told the motor was built for boost (hence the low compression ratio and cam). I am told it had a supercharger but the prev owner...
  3. S

    4.6 2v procharger

    Hey everyone, I own an f150 07 with the 4.6 2v so I came here because the mustang bois know 2v inside and out unlike f150 ppl. Anyway I wanna put a supercharger on it, procharger btw and I have 2 questions 1 how reliable would it be at 220000 miles,I know they are reliable aff but want to make...
  4. Cammandobrando

    97 cobra cobra , rear end, how much power will it take ?

    Hey guys i have a 97 cobra with a vortech s trim , running 10 lbs of boost , dyno sheet says 440whp , im not the original owner of the car but want to turn the boost up , so im curious what the rear end will handle , i dont know if it has any axle or diff upgrades , unless some One can tell me i...
  5. A

    How should I go about getting to 600hp?

    I have a vortech supercharged 2006. It's pushing 460 to the wheels and 450 tq. I want to get it to around 600, however, I know there are measures I need to take before then. I was wondering if these steps were reasonable. On 10psi from 3.6 pulley. Long Tube headers and X pipe in a two weeks...
  6. Cammandobrando

    97 cobra s trim 10lbs of boost guess

    Hey guys I have just acquired a 97 cobra , and I am told it has H beams and forged pistons , it does have an air to air and , a larger throttle body , runs 9-10 lbs of boost , I’m just curious if anybody has an idea what kind of power I should see on the dyno , any guess’s or answers would be...
  7. D

    Boost gauge vacuum line location

    I have a belt driven powerdyne system and was wondering where I should attach my vacuum line? It’s on an 88 lx 5.0
  8. W

    Twin Turbo Install Need Some Advice

    Hey guy so i have a complete twin turbo kit, still in the process of installing it right now. Just want to go over some things to get a complete rundown on everything that is going to be done. So currently the motor is rebuilt, all new bearing and forged interals in an 89 block. Gt40p heads...
  9. T

    Stuttering At Wot At 4k Rpms. S/c Motor

    Hi everyone, currently t/s an issue with my 2v. Car specs(short): Built 2v 4.6 Vortech S/C downsized pulley pushing 18 psi Fuel: 2 Ford GT pumps lined to two FPDM supplied by BAP with the wire upgrade. History: Has driven fine for about a year since the finish of the build and tune. Last...
  10. L

    Fox My 90' Turbo Foxbody Build

    Hey all, this is my first post and it's going to be my build that I will be doing soon, I keep getting told by my friends that I need to post my builds so they could potentially help others with my findings and tricks i've learned. So a little about the car(3rd fox), it has a slightly cracked...
  11. T

    Progress Thread Rebuilt Motor, S/c, Do My Numbers Make Sense?

    Hi guys! So the car: 04 mustang GT vortech V-2 with a 2.7in pulley Heads: Trickflow 44cc 2v Custom cams Bullet Cams: I can get numbers if it matters Cobra crank and pistons 8 rib serpentine belt Heavy duty A2W intercooler, I do not have heat issues( can go into this if it matters). Fuel twin...
  12. T

    99 V6 Mustang With Vortech Supercharger Loosing Boost Past 5500rpm

    Hi I was getting dyno tuned by Watson Racing in Michigan and after they were done checking over the tune in asked if I could have a tune for dyno days. I wanted to run the car to 6k instead of stock Rev limiter which is 5500 I just wanted a few more hp right now it makes 301 and 305 tq to the...
  13. GoldenEagle91

    SOLD Msd 6 Btm Ignition Control Module

    Price:200 City:Hartland State:WI Description: Used Ignition Control Module Model Year: 79-2004 Up for sale is a MSD 6 Series (6462) BTM Ignition Control Module with an Auto Meter Sport Comp Boost Gauge (3304). Included with the ignition module is the boost retard knob and a single pillar mount...
  14. T

    Looking To Buy Vortec Supercharger Head Unit

    If anyone has a vortec supercharger head unit that will work on my 2v 4.6 let me know
  15. Last Call Racing 4.6 All Motor 3v S197 Mustang 7500RPM!

    Last Call Racing 4.6 All Motor 3v S197 Mustang 7500RPM!

    GoPro - Last Call Racing 4.6 All Motor S197 Mustang vs LS1 Trans Am at Music City Raceway 1/8 mile. The fastest time to date is a 8.12@ 90 on factory tires. Also it went a 7.61@ 92 on 275/60/15 ET Streets. This car Makes incredible power in the upper RPM range especially. It pulls hard well...