1. J

    Issues passing I/M Inspection

    I have a 2008 ford 4.6L mustang I bought recently. I got it off auction so I don't know anything about the vehicles mod history. From what I can tell, the owner put on Borla exhausts, cams, and a tune. The owner left his original SCT XCalibrator 2 tune installer with 2 tunes and 1 stock tune on...
  2. N

    Borla Axle Back With Factory Resonator

    I own a 2017 gt mustang with flowmasters and resonator delete. It sounds really nice. A little loud inside but I love it. I recently picked up a used 2015 gt for my girlfriend. I decided to go with a different exhaust. Btw I have always used flow masters on my previous cars. Just wanted...
  3. Street Renegade

    Video Of My New Exhaust

    Cold start, regular driving, aggressive driving, WOT, etc... Let me know what you guys think! View:
  4. Street Renegade

    Video Of My New Borla Exhaust

    Just recently installed the S-Type Catback on my '16 GT... I love it! View:
  5. Street Renegade


    What's up y'all, this is my first time on this forum I just bought a new Mustang GT last year, it's by far the nicest and fastest car I've ever owned I've owned 3 other Mustangs in the past; a stock (and junky) '89 GT, a modded '91 GT, and a '98 Cobra with just intake and exhaust I made a...
  6. chancock82

    SOLD 2005 - 2010 Mustang Gt Mac Axle Back Exhaust Like New

    These are a set of MAC Axle Back Exhaust system made for a 2005-2010 Mustang GT and Bullitt. These are Like New and only have about 50 miles on them. I bought them new from MAC about a week ago and decided to go in a different direction. These sound really nice and extremely deep. These are $400...
  7. 0

    Attak Vs Stingers Vs Lm1 Vs Lm2

    Title pretty much sums it up, if anyone has any comparison information between these cat-backs, that would be great... I have narrowed it down to these 4 cat-backs and really wish I could hear them all in person, but since I can't I just have to keep researching... Are the Attaks louder than...
  8. X

    Expired Borla Atak Mufflers Brand New

  9. N

    Need Opinions On Borla Atak Axlebacks

    I have a 2012 gt with cat delete on stock h pipe and resonators still in place. If I were to get Borla ATAK axlebacks, would the volume be way too loud for a daily? Would I experience any drone? I currently have stock mufflers and the sound isn't obnoxious to me. I have to think about...
  10. Coyote Stipes

    Need Help!

    Thinking of changing my Boss 302 stock exhaust to American racing longtube headers into Borla ATAK exhaust. Thoughts??
  11. Colb

    Borla: Cat Vs. Catless

    Hey everyone, I am completely new to forums and threads so hopefully I am posting this right. Right now I am running a 2002 GT 4.6 with a Borla Catback. I have the stock midpipe and want to upgrade to a catless o/r h-pipe. My concern is that it will be TOO loud and drone out a lot and become...
  12. FrankenStang88

    Exhaust Borla S Type

    Has anyone here bought the borla s type exhaust for their fox mustang? I got mine installed yesterday and really cant believe what i had done to my car. After it was professionaly installed, i started it for the first time and... nothing really. No borla growl. Just some soft and super quiet low...
  13. R

    SOLD Borla Stinger S-type Axle-back Exhaust (13-14 Gt) Retails for $789.00 asking $500, used for one year. Looks clean and sounds even better! Located in San Diego, CA Fits 2013-2014 GT models If interested please contact me at [email protected]
  14. Mustang Club Of America

    Mustang Club Of America

    39TH annual fall regional Shelby/Mustang event. Held at the Biltmore Square Mall in Asheville, NC. Ranging from Classic to Modern with Borla at the event showing off there systems and some engines on display with ITB'S " individual throttle body's " . Very good event hosted by great people in a...