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    Electrical 89 Lx led brake lights stay on, go off with push of clutch pedal.

    Hi all, 1989 Lx conv, I've been running led tail lights from Easy Performance and have a weird issue. Sometimes when driving car the brake lights stay on, now weird part is clutch pedal turns them off when pressed just a little. Anyone know if the clutch switch is related in any way to the...
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    Brake lights not working

    So it was brought to my attention that both brake lights aren't working. I unscrewed the taillight plugs from the tail lights and all the lights works, turn signals, reverse, warning & tail lights but the brake lights don't turn on. Both the small light and the bigger light that screw into the...
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    1998 Mustang GT Hazard Lights and Turn Signals Mixed Up

    Hello everybody; first time posting here! I recently bought a 1998 Mustang GT from a friend who owned the car for about 2 years with no problems whatsoever. After driving it around for 3 days and familiarizing myself with everything: the windshield wipers and turn signals, the hazard switch...
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    No Brakes Lights. Hazards And Turn Signals Working.

    Edit: I meant to say no break lights in the title. Sorry. I have a 96 GT and the brake lights have stopped working. The hazard lights, turn signals, third eye, high beams, headlights, etc. are working just fine. Tried replacing brake switch and still have same problem.
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    Expired Raxiom Smoked 3rd Brake Light, Nib, $60

    I received two brake lights as a gift, I only need one! As described this Raxiom smoked 3rd brake light is "new in the box", it has never been installed. Local pickup in Wheaton, Illinois(Western Suburbs of Chicago) or I will ship to your location, splitting the shipping 50/50. This is $75...
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    Brake Lights!! Why Have You Forsaken Me?

    So my Brake lights stopped working. For the life of me I cant figure out why. I've replaced the switch at the pedal, the fuse is good. All the other lights work. Turn Signals, Reverse Lights, Running lights. They're all good. Can anybody help?