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  1. A

    Progress Thread Getting my 2000 gt stang to 350-400 whp

    Hey everybody I just recently got a 2000 mustang gt and am looking to give it a little more kick, but I'm relatively new to the upgrading scene and not 100% sure what I should do to bring those numbers out of the v8. This is why I've come here to ask for you're all advice, please keep in mind...
  2. M

    High Horsepower

    Would like to build a high horsepower car in the next few years hoping to push the 700hp mark. I would love to do this in the 94-98 body style. was wondering what the best motor to use would be? I would rather use a stock motor if possible and upgrade internals and such, was thinking the 5.0...
  3. R

    Engine 351w Swap Help

    Hey everyone, first off I hope I'm posting this in the correct section. I know there are a lot of summary posts out these, but I was helping to get some help anyway. I hope not to get too much hate or anything like that. My uncle recently gave me the 351W out of his 95 F-150 for my 89 Mustang...
  4. uhHollow

    Fox Need Suggestions

    Hey, first time posting but I have a 79 v6 3.3 mustang and I don't know which directions I should go with it. I don't know if I should swap the engine or work on the v6 I currently have but if I do choose to work on it I don't know what to really do to it