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  1. T

    64 1/2 Coupe Project

    I recently picked up a 64 1/2 project car. It came with a 302 out of a 68 and most of the parts. It even came with a box full of brand new Scott Drake goodies. My intent is to restore it to mostly original condition. It is in decent shape but with the usual rusty spots. I managed to fire it...
  2. Cannon77550

    Progress Thread 95 5.0 first timer

    Hey everybody, thought I would try a build thread. I have never done anything of this scale on a car before, but I'm an amusement ride mechanic by trade so I've done a few rebuilds on a "larger" scale. My project is a 95 gt that I picked up a few years back. Shes been through some :poo: just...
  3. Levi.Productions

    1996 Mustang GT Build (Ew to New)

    Figured I should start a thread for my mustang project. We start our adventure last summer, when I had gotten my licence a few months ago. I had been given my grandpas old honda pilot (mainly for insurance purposes I normally drive my dad's truck) and was given the ok from my parents to sell the...
  4. F

    Headlights? - An Other Stuff that's [not] Headlights

    I just bought a 93 LX today (first mustang) and I am in dire need of a good supplier of quality replacement parts. If anyone has suggestions for a website or a brand name I should look into I would really appreciate it. I do want quality replacements at a fair price I would like to stay away...
  5. B

    Fox 1985 GT Hatchback with AOD/CFI Build

    Hello all, and thank you. I am new to this forum, but I am a member of several others (namely CruzeTalk and I think another forum or two). I have searched for other CFI builds, but came up dry, so I started this one. As the title suggests, I have an 85 CFI engine in my Mustang. I purchased...
  6. L

    Fox My 90' Turbo Foxbody Build

    Hey all, this is my first post and it's going to be my build that I will be doing soon, I keep getting told by my friends that I need to post my builds so they could potentially help others with my findings and tricks i've learned. So a little about the car(3rd fox), it has a slightly cracked...
  7. J

    Efi 363 Build

    I have a 87 gt Hatchback that has a stock 93 motor and trans in it. I`m purchasing a bare block 363 and im just looking at a few suggestions for build ideas (ex. cam,heads...) as well as trans combo, goal is 600-700 rwhp