1. R

    For Sale 87-93 foxbody Gt Bumper (illinois)

    Hello I'm trying to sell my gt bumper I decided to go a different route for my car it fit perfectly onto my 93 great shape asking 250 for it I'm in central Illinois Text 2x1mv7fbfk8ndj2jfj0jfnf6dhf2j2jfj9 if you have any questions thanks!
  2. A

    Fender swap?

    I currently have a 1984 fox body. It’s a drag car and has been completely gutted of all accessories, etc. I’m not a fan of the four eye look and the guy who had the car before me put a 1989 front bumper on it Bc he wasn’t a fan either. What bothers me is the molding/trim that’s in the fenders...
  3. G

    Progress Thread change of look for sn95

    This is a project that arose from a thought and an idea that is to give a more aggressive and modern look to the sn95 without having to use the typical bumper of the cobra, the main idea to make this post is to know their opinions and that it seems my idea for a facial refresh for the mustang. I...
  4. Red012v

    Expired 2003 Oem Cobra Front Bumper

    Selling an silver metallic YN oem front bumper off of a 2003 cobra. Has plugs in the holes for the license plate. Has rock chips from daily driving. No fogs,bezels, or chin spoiler. 200 obo in oregon.
  5. R

    Paint and Body Headlight/bumper/hood Alignment

    Looking at buying a notchback roller for a project. The attached picture shows the front of the car. The void around the headlamps seem to be a bit on the large side. Nothing else on the vehicle seems to be out of alignment, the bumper feels solidly mounted, and the headlamps are firmly bolted...
  6. 5.0Daniel


    So I have a 94 mustang gt 5.0 and I had a carbon fiber glass aftermarket bumper that the rain broke yesterday and I'm trying to find a new bumper also aftermarket that's stronger then fiber glass any suggestions???