c4 transmission

  1. Nick Bos

    Starter gear doesn’t engage fully with flexplate

    1970 mustang 302 c4 stock. So my car recently left me stranded when it wouldn’t turn over. So the starter basically just “screams” and the engine doesn’t turn. We looked at the bendix meshing the flexplate and the bendix comes out, hits the face of the flex plate (it makes a very short “tap”...
  2. 1

    1965 Mustang 5 bolt 289 C4 to Toploader conversion

    I currently have a 1965 Ford Mustang that I would like to convert from a C4 to a toploader. However I have a couple issues with my upcoming project. The car was originally a 6 cylinder car and still has the original driveshaft and rear. I am not sure if these would need to be replaced for the...
  3. Nick Bos

    C4 Transmission has very delayed shifts

    Hi guys, I have a 1970 mustang with a 302 and a c4 select shift transmission. Recently the transmission has been delaying its shifts more frequently as time passes. I adjusted the vacuum modulator screw to reduce the delay and it has not worked (3 full turns counterclockwise). As of right now...
  4. J

    C4 transmission worth it?

    Greetings, I came up on a toploader 4 speed from 1972 and now have a c4 tranny sitting. Is it a desirable tranny? If I sell it how much should I ask for ? It never ran because it came with a project.
  5. L

    C4 trouble

    I have a 85 fox body gt40p heads, carbed weiand stealth intake and long tube headers just something a little mild but I'm having trany problems I have a c4 trany with a tci 2500 converter and in first It'll start to spin at 1500 rmps but in reverse I have to rev up to 2500 rpms to get it to...
  6. PakstinN

    Fox Budget Drag Car

    Hey guys, a friend and I are trying to build a low budget drag car. Our goal is to run in the 11s under $5k. We will start off with an 83/84 (unsure of year) four cylinder lx, very barebones, no power anything. we have the car, a 351w, c4 transmission, and 9 inch rear end all priced out at $1k...
  7. Nathaniel Donnelly

    Tranny Or Torque Converter?

    Hi all! '67 convertible with 289 I've had a chronic issue with either my transmission (C-4) or torque converter. Everything works just fine when cold or during light use. However, if I'm accelerating up a long hill when warm, I sometimes get a "FFFFT, FFFFT!" sound accompanied by a slipping...
  8. Nathaniel Donnelly

    Audrey's Plan

    Hey all! Wanted to get some input regarding my plan for my '67 vert. Right now it has the original 289 bored out to a 302 with a 2-barrel carb and C4. Obviously, I want to keep the engine, but I'm thinking about putting a crate motor in there that will push between 350-400 horses. I also...