classic mustang

  1. DudeStang

    How good of a 64-66 Mustang can you get for $20k?

    I have a close friend who is looking for an classic Mustang (64-66, prefers the coupe over the fastback). It doesn't need to be perfect but needs to run - something that could be driven for a short commute to work an occasional short city drives. Manual is preferred, doesn't really matter if it...
  2. R

    302 to 347 Stroker

    Hey guys it is my first time on the forum I'm planning on making my 302 from my 69 mustang into a 347 stroker the engine has .040 pistons but a regular crankshaft so I was wondering if I can just get a stroker crankshaft and still be able to use the same pistons? I'm new this kind of stuff so...
  3. M

    Help Identify Specific Mustang Model

    I need help identifying the specific year this mustang is from. Sorry the pictures only show one angle. I can get more if it’s not enough.
  4. 70mstang

    Advice Needed-'70 Coupe Paintjob

    Hey folks, so I've finally decided to get the paint done on my '70 coupe. The rust has finally hit a point where I can't let it get any further. there's (dvd-case?) sized patches of rust in the lower doors and lower trunk and the floors are rotted out pretty badly. Structurally she seems okay...
  5. Ambria Arram

    For Sale Excellent '76 Mustang For Sale

    Hi all, Im not sure if this is the correct way and place to do this, but I own an excellent 76' mustang that I am trying to sell for something I can drive in the mountains. I feel like this would be a better place than craigslist to do this since it is such a unique car and I want it to go to a...
  6. Loose Classic Mustang Steering.. Why?!?

    Loose Classic Mustang Steering.. Why?!?

    Please LIKE my Facebook, if my videos are useful to you: Most people have accepted the fact that classic cars, especially classic Mustangs, just have loose steering. That doesn't have to be the case. Watch this video and I will explain how you can...