Fox What coilovers are you running on your street/drag mustang?

    In the process of looking for coilovers and was wondering what everyone was running on a street car that will see a race once in a while? I was looking at the MM coilovers with koni yellow but damn 1800! I mean if they ride well and can get you to hook at the strip you got to pay for what you...
  2. 868

    SOLD SVE Mustang Coilover Kit 79-93

    SVE Mustang Coilover Kit 79-93 Installed last summer and have less than 500 miles. They are in like new condition with no defects and normal installation marks. Only selling because I want a different ride than coilovers can provide. *NOTE: You will need caster camber plates with spacers to...
  3. CamronM

    Coilover Question- Are Dampeners Neccessary?

    I was supercharging my car and decided to swap out my K member and a arms for some tubular ones from UPR. Basically, because of this, I need to go to a coil over setup on the front. Only problem is, I don't plan on this being a full on DRAG mustang, I want it to corner pretty well (for a...