cold start

  1. 9

    MS2 Cold Start Issues

    Greetings to all, Currently running the diyautotune MSPNP Gen 2 v1.2 on my 93 turbo stang with a standard 302/GT-40x heads/F-cam running with FRPP 42lb injectors. I initially, downloaded the base tune from DIY and have been tuning. So far, it idles and runs really good. The issue I'm having...
  2. TheJarlofNewEdge

    99-04 Gt, Calling All Mechanical Bug Wizards

    New tadpole in the pond here But I am having some problems, i've thought long and hard about, but i live in the boonies, the mechanical experience is around here but i can't seem to come to a conclusion - had stock gt w/K&N intake - running fine - installed pypes o/r H - tried eliminators...
  3. NRB Auto

    01 Gt Cold Start Idle Fluctuation?

    I have a 2001 GT, NOT ALWAYS but usually only in direct morning under "cold start" conditions I will get a high idle of 1,600RPMS. Now and then if you put it in gear it will drop RPMS and die out. If you restart the mustang right away idle will return to normal. If not about every 30 seconds or...