convertible top

  1. Lawdawg86

    1994 mustang GT convertible top out of adjustment

    So I bought the car from the PO, she told me they’d replaced the top but that it sounds like somethings not right in the back. She told me the drivers side top won’t go all the way up to latch and so she worried it would break window. Never worked on a convertible top before but what adjustments...
  2. C

    Paint and Body 89 LX Vert - rear glass separating from top

    Rear glass coming apart from top material, is there a fix for this or does the top need to be replaced?
  3. M

    Convertable top

    The convertible top on the passenger side on my 88 gt mustang is seizing up and has trouble starting to lift it up and u have to give it a boost for it to work, I’ve greased all the joints and it didn’t change anything, anyone know what might be wrong with it
  4. 2

    2006 GT convertible top switch not responding in “down” direction

    Hi all, Just joined, hope I'm doing this right. My 2006 GT Convertible Top has worked well for years, though sometimes the top would not respond when I press the switch up (forward) or down (back). This morning, the switch was completely unresponsive in the down (back) direction. When I say the...
  5. A

    Aligning A Convertible Soft Top

    Hello, New to the site. So I just purchased a 2007 Convertible V6. My first Mustang. I just noticed the convertible is skewed to the left, it has marks where you can tell the top had some tears fixed, it looks fine, but it is skewed to the drivers side. The driver side door window hits the top...