cruise control

  1. D

    Electrical 1987 cruise control help

    When I got my 1987 foxbody it had the buttons for cruise control on the dash. I’ve been trying to get it all hooked but I’m running into some problems with the wire hookups under the dash. I ordered the yellow cruise control module but there’s only one plug for it under the dash and two white...
  2. MarineDeuce

    Electrical 2013 GT 5.0 Man Clutch Granny Spring

    Once again, this may have been covered and if so I apologize. I removed the "granny spring" from the clutch assembly of my 2013 mustang. The procedure involves astonishing contortions of arms and body crammed into the space under the dash near the clutch in front of the drivers seat. Release...
  3. Devante Wright

    Horn Works, No Cruise Control, Possible Wiring Issue?

    So, as the title implies, My horn is working fine, but the problem lies when I go to turn cruise control on.. nothing. The very very odd part however, is when I press both the cruise control "on" button, along with the cruise control "set" button.. the horn goes off. What fuses, etc can I...