cylinder head

  1. TorchRed_4.0

    Scratched Up Piston

    Finally pulled the heads off to address my oil burning issue and piston #8 looks like this. Need a new piston or can this one be fixed?
  2. T

    Push Rod Length For Ford Performance Cylinder Heads M-6049-x307 (gt40)

    has ANYONE bought and put this -->Ford Performance Cylinder Heads M-6049-X307 cylinder head in a 1994 ford mustang non milled block and head from summit racing? if so what was your push rod length i know i should measure it but before i waste my time i was wondering if anyone has done this...
  3. S

    Engine Stuck/seized Tfs Aluminum Head

    Hey, as I am sure most of you can to relate at some point, im most of half-way through a job and hit a damn brick wall. My 95 302 had been going through radiators and just generally giving me grief and she finally decided it was time I replace the head gaskets. driver side head came off just...