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  1. hbadventure

    Progress Thread 85 Mustang newbie trying to be a good Dad

    Lifelong Chevy/Dodge guy. NEVER dreamed I would have a Ford anything. But my 16 year old had to have this 85 Mustang. it is an incredibly rust free, arizona car. Anyway he and I just finished a total redo on my 85 Ramcharger and well... Your kids come before your dislike for a Ford so here I am...
  2. AydenTv

    Little Known Little Issues Thread

    87 to 89 Foxbodys are notorious for having little issues.. But lets Create a Thread on Little Known Little Issues for 1987 to 1989 Foxbody Mustangs... 1. The Spout Connector.... The Spout Connector, located near the Distributor and TFI Module, is like a Vaccum Advance.. In order to Set your...