1. M

    Need help removing paint off a dash

    I just bought a 96 4.6 and the dash has been spray painted white. I know someone who has a grey dash f9r sale, but I wanted to see if anyone else has had to remove paint off a dash. Thanks
  2. J

    2004 GT Dash Indicator Question..

    First off, I'd like to say I'm a new Mustang owner and I FINALLY HAVE MY DREAM CAR! But being a new stang owner, I am trying to learn everything 101 I can about my 2004 GT. One thing I can't find (or maybe I'm not looking around deep enough) is What dash indicators should I be seeing when my...
  3. 2000 Ford Mustang Cluster Gauges bouncing (continual reset loop?)

    2000 Ford Mustang Cluster Gauges bouncing (continual reset loop?)

    This happens when the key is in the ACC position. I also have a problem with the fuel pump, so the car will not start. Any advice?
  4. T

    12v Socket (dash) - Depth Problem

    Good Afternoon! I have an issue that cannot be plaguing just me ... I bought a 12v accessory that I need to use in the socket in the dashboard. Unfortunately, because that socket is mounted about 1/2" deep into the dash, the accessory won't even power. Has anyone either found something that...
  5. MoDriver

    SOLD Radio Console Bezel Black Mustang 01-04 (adaptable to single DIN)

    [SOLD] This is an OEM used charcoal gray (painted black with interior paint) original radio dash bezel to fit 01-04 mustangs. In good shape. No apparent cracks and tabs are good. Dash AC vent registers are not included, but the buttons shown are included. Items are in Springfield, VA (22152)...
  6. utemachine

    Mechanical Whining In Dash?

    I just bought my dream car an 89 Saleen in great condition with 84k original miles. As I remember from my 89 LX 20 years ago there are a bunch of peculiar things that need addressing. I'm hoping you guys have some insights on this one. I'm noticing a whining sound correlating to the speed of...
  7. wiseguyk

    Interior and Upholstery How I Fixed My Broken Instrument Bezel Brackets

    I've been plagued with a bouncing speedometer needle since I bought the car and a new cable and speedo gear later, am still having the same problem. I finally got around to pulling out the cluster and sending it in to be fixed last week. While I'm waiting to get that back from the repair shop...
  8. T

    Electrical How To Unplug Difficult Connectors Behind Dash

    I've been trying to remove the dash of an 86 gt, I've got everything thing unscrewed and unconnected but a couple last connectors (if that's what they are called) facing away from me. Does anyone know a technique or something to get it off? I would have to point the screw driver toward me to get...

    Ribbon On Back Of Instrument Cluster?

    hey guys I pulled the dash apart and removed the instrument cluster to check the bulb for my alternator light and the wiring because I've beenchasing a charging problem. The previous owner had just installed an autometer speedometer and had "wedged/cut" it into the existing cluster. When I...