2004 GT Dash Indicator Question..


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Nov 25, 2021
First off, I'd like to say I'm a new Mustang owner and I FINALLY HAVE MY DREAM CAR!

But being a new stang owner, I am trying to learn everything 101 I can about my 2004 GT. One thing I can't find (or maybe I'm not looking around deep enough) is What dash indicators should I be seeing when my key is switched to RUN and what should I see when my car is ON? I feel like I'm missing some.

The 3 switches above the shift knob and their Dot of Light are functional except the "TRAC OFF". There is no light when I hit On/Off. It only shows during the 'Bulb Test' ?
I will post pics below!

Sorry if that's a super newbie question but I'm positive I'm not seeing what's supposed to be there. Thank you in advance!


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The TRAC OFF light only shows when you have wheelspin with the T/C system on. The on/off light is down on the switch. Push it in and the red light comes on and the system is off. If you want to see if the light works, find some sand, leave the system on, and then launch the car (you don't need to go crazy) with a little wheel spin and the light should come on as the T/C system activates and tries to activate the rear brakes and reduce engine power.

Are you saying you cannot turn it on/off at all with the switch? Is this car stock or does it have a tune at all (disabling T/C is a common feature of many tunes).

Everything else looks like what i would expect on Run and Start. I forget what comes up for bulb check as it's been some time since i've run it as my 2003 GT has been gone for many years now