1. C

    Dyno/Tune Nebraska

    I recently moved to the western part of Nebraska and I need my mustang (08 GT) tuned/dyno'd. If anyone could suggest a place that'd be great.
  2. Exas1999

    Lower HP expected from 2002 mustang?

    Last year I picked up a 2002 mustang gt with 113k miles on it, the guy before me had a huge list of mods on the car and I've added some along the way. He told me it has cams but I honestly don't feel like it does so I'm going to just list what I know the car has, and can anyone tell me if this...
  3. C

    Stock stroke 351w 11r combos/dyno results?

    I was wondering if anyone has real work dyno numbers with the 11r series of heads from trick flow on their 351/357w. I’m curious to see what the car is gonna put down once it’s back from paint and I get the drivetrain stuffed in it. Combo is: stock block 351w (.030 over) Stock length forged...
  4. T

    Low Dyno Numbers Help!

    hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction. So over the past month are so I installed trick flow twisted wedge 170 heads along with and Anderson n-41 camshaft in my 93 cobra. I had matt moss port my lower cobra intake to match the heads. Here’s where I’m stumped.. I took the car to...
  5. T

    H/c/i With Hp/tq Numbers

    just wondering what some of you guys that have swapped the H/C/I what you swapped it for and what you got for specs on the dyno and rpm range
  6. FrankenStang88

    Digital Tuning Options On Tuning?

    I had been talking to a shop for a while about getting a tune done on my 88 gt. Come to find out when i asked a different shop if they could tune it they said all you can really do to "tune" it was to advance/retard timing. Not sure who to believe in this situiation. I want to believe that...
  7. 84Ttop

    Forced Induction Roush Phase 2 On The Dyno

    So we had my buddy Paul's Roush Phase 2 S550 on the dyno last night. While this car has been as fast as 10.80 on the stock wheels and tires it's about to go in for some further upgrades to Phase 3. Before that happens we wanted to see where the car was at with the stock Roush tuning and Phase...
  8. 2012 Mustang Boss 302

    2012 Mustang Boss 302

    2012 Mustang Boss 302 on dyno