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    Crankshaft comparison

    Hey guys, I'm building a big bore 347 to make somewhere in between 800-1000hp, I know there are some high dollar cranks out there that can do the job but dont really fit the budget. I was looking at internally balanced cranks from Callies, Lunati, Eagle, and Scat and as far as my research goes...
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    Expired 1990 White Foxbody With 331 Stroker, T56, And Much Much More

    Hello, my name is Ramsey Draskovich. I only joined this forum to sell this car; I'm about an hour out from Las Vegas but I will be willing to meet anyone in Vegas. Here's a list of the many parts my car has: 331 Stroker Compression 10..2..1 Forged Eagle Internals Trickflow forged Flat Top...