1. 9

    Electrical Reversed Battery Current Momentarily

    My saga began a year ago, I finished up replacing the intake gaskets on my 92' fox 5.0 and jumped with friends car, unknowingly reversed cables. Noticed smoke coming from the coil/ driver's side area. Seconds later, pulled the cables off. Had to replace fried coil but eventually ran not so...
  2. S

    Electrical 1995 Mustang GT slight hiccups/hesitation at around 2k rpm looking for a fix for the dreaded code 212

    Been working on this issue for months maybe even years now, it’s the same thing every test drive, it runs perfectly except for size varying hiccups and/or hesitations up at around 2k rpm, the code we’ve been receiving all this time has been code 212: loss of IDM (ignition diagnostic monitor)...
  3. Vulpes5.0

    Electrical 1987 5.0 AOD hatchback- what ECM belongs?

    I bought a nice mustang, cranks but no start, and realized pretty quick someone cleanly cut the ECM out, along with the pigtail. I presume that it was stolen, but maybe the owner needed some fast cash and that was simple enough. regardless, what ECM actually belongs in the car? I went ahead and...
  4. W

    Putting A 88 5.0 Motor In A 86 4 Cylinder Car.. Computer And Wiring Harness

    Hey guys new here so bare with me.. I have a 86 roller 4 cyl 5 speed car.. I have an 88 donor car 5 speed 5.0 with maf conversion that I will be putting in my 86.. am i going to run into any issues with the 88 wiring harness going on to an 86 car.. and will I need to anything else from the 88...
  5. P

    Where To Find A 95 Manual Trans Ecm?

    Auto parts stores have discontinued the part # for reman ecm, ebay vendors have nothing. Does anybody know where to find a 95 GT OBDI engine computer for manual trans? Anybody got a good one on the shelf I can buy? When did they become unavailable?
  6. A

    Ecm Questions

    Hi all, so my problem is that we have a 1989 mustang that we swapped over a motor from a 85 Merkur, now we got everything running, just the ECM that is in the car is a 8CC and doesn't know how to correctly run the motor. So we have the ECM from the Merkur, we just don't know the strategy code...
  7. DGooch

    New Here, Need Help! Ecm Fuse

    2000 mustang 3.8L V6. fuse#21(ECM and cluster) blows right away with key in or out. I must have a short... so.... where or how do I start looking for it? any help!!!!
  8. C

    Engine Control Module Ecm (limp Mode) Mystery Help

    Ok guys, my back is up against the wall and I’m hoping this has happened to someone else that was able to itdentify the problem and get it fixed. I was driving home two months ago going about 70 mph on a relatively flat road when all of a sudden my 2007 Mustang GT seemed to shut down, but the...