engine bay

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    Paint and Body Scott Rod Fab Engine Panels

    I need some advice...I welded in the drivers side steel engine bay panels from Scott Rod Fabrications into my fathers mustang and I didn’t think it came out the best (I’m a beginner), so I recommended my dad hire an experienced welder to do the other side...MISTAKE! The guy he hired to weld in...
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    '91 Mustang - Lower Radiator Hose Burst Driving Up Steep Hills

    Driving up one windy continous HILL... my Fox body SLUGGED up to the peak of the hill. Pedal to the floor, moving to the top speed of 5 MPH...the LOWER RADIATOR HOSE BURST!!! Rusty brown water and coolant SPRAYED the entire engine bay. Now that I replaced the hose, slight coolant flush, NEW...