flex plate

  1. G

    Question!! potential damage to flexplate/crank during 4R70W swap

    A buddy of mine and I are dropping the 4R70W trans on his auto 02 Mustang GT. We got the exhaust, starter, drive shaft, and bell housing bolts off no problem, but we made a big screw up and we didn't remove the torque converter bolts mating up to the flex plate. We started to drop the trans...
  2. H

    8 bolt crank to 6 bolt crank swap????

    Need help I am putting a new engine I a 02 gt and I can’t seem to get the flex plate situation sorted out. You see the engine I got as a replacement has a 8 bolt crank but the 02 has a 6 bolt therefore I cannot just swap the Flexplate over. Well I bought a new 8 bolt Flexplate that supposedly...
  3. kingleodiorio

    Flex Plate Or Flywheel

    hello, I'm getting ready to put a new motor in my 67 mustang. It's my first project and I've ran into a small problem. I'm mating the engine (1978 5.0) to a c4 automatic transmission. Do I need a flex plate, or flyeheel? do I have to get it balanced for my engine, or are they generic in that...