Question!! potential damage to flexplate/crank during 4R70W swap


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Jul 20, 2020
A buddy of mine and I are dropping the 4R70W trans on his auto 02 Mustang GT. We got the exhaust, starter, drive shaft, and bell housing bolts off no problem, but we made a big screw up and we didn't remove the torque converter bolts mating up to the flex plate. We started to drop the trans and it slipped free but then totally stopped. The jack dropped below the transmission and just hung there for a few seconds by nothing but the 4 torque converter bolts. We realized what we did right away and immediately jacked it back up. Would a couple seconds of hanging there severely screw anything up? Im hoping we didnt damage the crank. We put the trans mount and a couple of bell housing bolts back in just to get it realigned, and are still having trouble getting the nuts off the torque converter. I've seen other people on this forum have the same struggle with the torque converter nuts, but none after literally letting the trans hang on those bolts for a few seconds. we are going to try some of the methods mentioned to get the nuts off, I just want to know if there's a high likelihood of running into a lot of other issues as a result of having the trans hang on those bolts for a few seconds. Any info appreciated, thanks
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check back later..
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Jul 20, 2014
Taylorsville ky
I would guess that you all will be fine-actually kinda surprised the converter didn’t pull off the pump and dump atf everywhere lol.
Once the trans is out, just look for damage and go from there