foxbody build

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    Foxbody 15x10 wheel fitment with sn95 axles

    Ive recently got tricked into turning my project car into more of a drag car and need help finding wheels that will fit a 26x11.50. Im going to be running a upr rear suspension kit deleting my quad shocks but i cant figure out what offest and backspacing i need for a 15x10 wheel to fit with sn95...
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    90’ Grand Marquis 5.0 Build

    Hi everyone I just got a sweet offer on a good running 1990 grandmarquis 5.0. I have a 98 gt and either wanna buy a foxbody or 5.0 swap this? First off is a 5.0 swap possible? And second off I don’t know much about the marquis 5.0 and want to know if it’s worth building or if it’s similar to the...