foxbody build

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    Foxbody steering wheel

    I’m looking for ideas on what type of steering wheel to get. I’d like to find one that will fit in my 88 Fox that has radio controls. Newer cars have way nicer wheels aesthetically and feel. There might not be anything that I can use that has radio controls already built in. I can figure out the...
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    Foxbody 15x10 wheel fitment with sn95 axles

    Ive recently got tricked into turning my project car into more of a drag car and need help finding wheels that will fit a 26x11.50. Im going to be running a upr rear suspension kit deleting my quad shocks but i cant figure out what offest and backspacing i need for a 15x10 wheel to fit with sn95...
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    90’ Grand Marquis 5.0 Build

    Hi everyone I just got a sweet offer on a good running 1990 grandmarquis 5.0. I have a 98 gt and either wanna buy a foxbody or 5.0 swap this? First off is a 5.0 swap possible? And second off I don’t know much about the marquis 5.0 and want to know if it’s worth building or if it’s similar to the...