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    2003 EcoStang

    I currently am gonna buy a 2003 Mustang, and I need help figuring out how to make it 1. economical 2. fast and 3. still look good 1. I wanna buy a body kit for it and I know wide body helps a lot, but I also want to make it more economical and i need to know if there is a body kit that is more...
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    Mpg/performance Mods? ‘98 V6 Auto

    Looking for ways to get more performance and/or mpg, I’ll take either. Current setup: 1998 V6 Automatic base model. 146,000 miles. 19 city/ 21 highway. Current mods: SR Performance CAI, throttle cable zip tie mod. Planned mods: High flow X-pipe exhaust, low resistance front tires. What...
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    Downside Of High Compression Ratio

    Hello everyone. I came today with something odd. I own a 2003 v6 mustang (manual) and as i work on it something that shows constantly is the idea of tuning the car too a higher compression ratio to use high octane gas. This would give the car a little bit more of punch; however, there is always...