fuel gauge

  1. F

    Electrical Tracking down my always full fuel gauge issue....89 Notch

    Like it says I got a 89 Notch that has a fuel gauge reading way past full despite the tank being close to empty. As far as I know the gauge hasnt worked even before I owned it. The car is a swap car now housing a 2.3T if it matters. Im going to start with checking out the Anti Slosh unit in the...
  2. M

    Fuel Fuel Gauge stuck on full no matter what

    I bought my 1987 5.0 convertible in March. Since the day I got it, it's been stuck on full even though I've been driving it a lot. What could the problem be?
  3. DSG_Mach

    Help Fuel Gauge Not Working!

    Hi guys/gals My 2003 Mach One Mustang's fuel gauge stopped working a while back and my low fuel light is on in the dash. I haven't really worried about it but the other day I ran out of gas because I forgot I didn't fill the tank all the way last time I got gas. I have searched the forums to...
  4. mentalward

    Troubleshooting Fuel Gauge With False Reading

    I just bought a '66 coupe, and the fuel gauge gives a false reading. i.e. when the tank is full, the gauge might read just over a half tank. I know the previous owner had the tank replaced at a local garage, but I don't know if the sender unit was replaced or transplanted. I know the radio...