1. S

    Fiberglass Trunk Strut Issue

    Ive recently purchased a Fiberglass Trunk for my 89 Hatch mustang since my old one had rotted away. I got one from harwood installed with no issues, but I need struts to hold up the hatch. The pressure from the stock one will probably punch a hole through the thin fiberglass so Im not quite sure...
  2. J

    Interior and Upholstery 1992 GT - Trunk release switch

    trunk release doesnt work, is there any way i can try fixing it or do i just have to get a new trunk release switch kit?
  3. 9

    odd creaking noise

    Hello everyone, I have a 91 hatch (as you can tell by the name lol) there is this odd noise i hear when ever i am driving my car, when ever i am braking or coming to a stop there is a creaking noise that seems to be heard from what sounds like the passenger rear? possible its a strut...
  4. Nutty 5.o

    SOLD 1990 Mustang Lx 5.0 W/5 Speed Hatch Very Nice/clean Dark Titanium In Pa

    1990 Mustang LX Hatch 5.0 with original 5 speed: 90000 miles with clean and clear title in hand. This is an original 5.0/5 speed car. The car drives perfect and solid with no driveability issues that some head/cam/intake cars are plagued with. It is rust free throughout and factory undercoated...
  5. Jamesrolls5point0

    Brakes Fitting A 93 Cobra Booster

    okay so long story short i was going to ask if its possible to fit a cobra booster (93) in to an 88 5.0 car, I've heard you have to beat the shock tower with a sledge in order to clear it in place. so i ordered the booster seeing if i was smarter then the average and if i could slip it in there...