headlight switch

  1. sav22rem22

    Electrical Fog lights come on with headlights

    So I recently tackled the project of re doing all the wires behind my headlight switch on my 89 GT. It’s always had weird affects on my car like the headlights seem to pull a crazy amount of power and my fog lights turn on when the headlights are turned on. Upon taking the switch out I saw that...
  2. grayvixen93

    Upgrade your switches on your 87 - 93 Foxbody Mustang

    Upgrade your switches on your 87 - 93 Foxbody Mustang In case you want or need to fix or upgrade your switches :) Some preview pics: I also replaced the standard bulbs with blue LED's.
  3. J

    Electrical 92 LX headlight switch and turn signal switch acting funky

    Currently towards the end of my project here on my 92 LX. Over the course of the year I dropped a 5.0 T5 setup in it. Right now I’m in the stages of finishing touches, and just wired my fan up today. Me being me, I decided to see if my gauge lights would turn on. (Now mind you, my front end is...
  4. R

    Lightswitch diagram/function Mustang II

    Hi there! I’m in need of the functions of the headlight switch terminals. I need it for a project, if someone can fill me in on this, it will be much appreciated!! what I have is an original Mustang II lightswitch, Motorcraft, I would like to know the functions of the terminals, so that I can...
  5. K

    Need help with headlight harness/switch/wiring in 2000 Mustang

    so I've been having the issue of my headlights having a flickering/cutting out completely problem randomly while driving at night (obviously not using headlights during the day). I bought a brand new battery which didn't solve the issue, upon looking for more reasons as to why this was happening...
  6. S

    Electrical Short?

    all right, first forum post ever. But I have hit what is my weakest link. Diagnosing electrical problems. So the car. 93 gt hatch. Put in a new heater core huge pain. But did it, while putting the column together I must of messed something up. First car ran fine started up never knew anything...
  7. W

    Electrical Headlight Nob Is Acting Strang

    So my headlight just randomly started actino really strange. I pull it out and only the headlights come on, not the running lights, the brake lights, or the instrument cluster. Now if I pull just about half way everything works properly but if I keep pulling it goes back to just headlights. This...
  8. EKyellow65

    Electrical 65 Mustang Fog Lights Blinking - Help!

    Hello Everyone, I have recently installed fog lights on my 65 mustang non-GT coupe. I've been having trouble with the fog lights blinking after a few minutes of them being on and the engine running. When they blink, there is a very clear "click" from the circuit breaker which makes me...
  9. K

    Bizarre Electrical Issue With 97 3.8 V6 Marker Lights/headlights, Switch & Radio

    So it started when I plugged a usb charger into my aftermarket deck in my car... I heard a weird whirring noise accompanied by a loss of my back light illumination and audio output to my deck. Basically rendering it useless. I tore into it and checked the deck directly with the battery & it...