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  1. T

    Fox 83 foxbody motor mount for 5.4 swap

    I’ve just started on an old worn out foxbody that we just stripped. The plan is to drop the motor and transmission from my 04 f150 fx4 that was just totaled and I’m trying to find motor mounts and a k member for the swap. Anyone have any recommendations?
  2. Zsn95harris

    Tubular K Member

    Recently purchased a Kenny brown tubular k member with bilstein coilovers and the Kenny brown caster plus plates, has anyone used different lower control arms with the Kenny brown k member before like QA1 or UPR?
  3. wgreenlee4

    Help! 1992 Early Vs Late K-member: Which Motor Mounts???

    I can't believe I can't find one word of information about this online! I tried to replace my motor mounts and I saw there was an early and a late mount so I looked at my door tag (______) and ordered the late model. Well they didn't match the old ones (I assumed the old ones were wrong...
  4. FrankenStang88

    Suspension Messed Up Front End

    Ok so i have an 88 gt hatchback and on the front end you can see about a 2-3" difference in the height of the front bumper (drivers side being the higher one). Ive looked on sites at suspension kits, i bought a new rack just incase it was bent. My only problem is limited money and the fact that...
  5. Trevin

    Thinking About A Team Z K Member Does Any One Have Thought On This, Plus What Are Good Spring Rates?

    Im debating about getting a tubular k member. Team Z seems like a decent product. The car will mostly be a street/strip (more so street) car but I want better clearance for headers, lighter weight, cleaner looking and stiffer. Does anyone have one or experience with one? I have no clue what the...