manual swap

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    01 Gt no start

    Alright guys I’m beating my head on a wall. I just finished up converting my 01 GT from a auto (40r70w) to a manual (tr3650). Tried to start it up and nothing. Original though was that it was the neutral safety switch so I looped the wires (gonna install remote start down the road so I’d have to...
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    Tail light issues

    I have a 96 mustang auto v6 I swapped to a 98 mustang gt stick drivetrain. I can drive the car. I went on my first test drive and I noticed the rear lights do not work. Nor do the brake lights. Before you all say multi function switch, I swapped the multi function switch, I swapped the...
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    2004 V6 Bellhousing Pattern/Manual Swap Questions

    Hello all, My first car was a 2004 mustang V6 Auto, and I originally wanted to V8 manual swap it, but after hearing how much of a pain that is, I am willing to keep the v6 as a nice cruiser, but I want to change the auto to a t5, and I will be getting a clutch pedal and pedal lines, but I...