01 Gt no start

Alright guys I’m beating my head on a wall. I just finished up converting my 01 GT from a auto (40r70w) to a manual (tr3650). Tried to start it up and nothing. Original though was that it was the neutral safety switch so I looped the wires (gonna install remote start down the road so I’d have to do it anyways). The problem is that I have no power from ignition to the white and pink wire. I do however have ignition 12V on my starter relay and 12v on the starter solenoid. I know the white/pink wire gets it’s power from the ignition and the pink/blue sends it from the NSS to the starter solenoid I believe. I’m not the best at electrical so I’m pretty stumped with this.
On a side note, I did notice that the auto engine harness connecting to the trans harness has two pigtails (trans harness also has two pigtails connecting to engine harness) the manual trans harness only has one pigtail to connect to engine side. I thought this may have something to do with it but after watching videos of others swapping and starting the car right up I pushed the thought out of my mind. Last thing I can think of is buying the manual engine harness.
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