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Sep 20, 2020
I have a 96 mustang auto v6 I swapped to a 98 mustang gt stick drivetrain. I can drive the car. I went on my first test drive and I noticed the rear lights do not work. Nor do the brake lights. Before you all say multi function switch, I swapped the multi function switch, I swapped the headlight switch and checked the brake pedal switch and no fuses are blown. They are all good. I checked power to the taillights and they have none. I checked at the headlight switch, and the pin for the taillights has no power either. I’m am really lost. Any ideas? If there’s no legit fix, I’m fine with a bypass of some kind if maybe someone has a idea to hard wire it.
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Feb 13, 2002
Strange that you have no voltage on the rear lights at the headlight switch when in Park or Headlights, though that would only explain the parking/tail lights, not the brake lights or turn signals. I know you checked the fuses, but did you just visual or do a continuity check with a meter? Is Fuse 5 ok (while at it, recheck 1 and 9 as well)? Going off of the diagram in my Haynes manual, but it seems correct. It says the wire into the headlight switch is a Tan/White wire. If you don't have voltage there, do you have it at the fuse box at 5 (and 1 and 9)? If not, your problem is upstream of the fuse box (possible with all the work of the swap?)

Is the third brake light working? That is off of fuse 9, but only goes through the Brake On/Off switch rather than the Multi Function.

Similar question with the backup lamps. Something had to change with the swap to the auto.