1. L

    Sn95 missfire

    Hey my 98 3.8 has a miss fire on 6th cylinder mostly in reverse sometimes idle. Its an automatic but stalls in reverse. Throwing P0300, P0171, P0174. I replaced my O2 sensors thinking it was the problem but wasnt. Any help would be appreciated
  2. D

    Engine The Bug that can't be found

    I Have 92 Gt Stock 302 ( aod ) minus egr delete and smog delete. Car was running fine every since I've bought it road trips and all. Coming home from work one night on the highway it started with a miss kind of like would loose power than immediately come back almost like a bad spark plug or...
  3. PakstinN

    high rpm miss

    hello all, lately I have been battling a high rpm miss in my car. she is a 1991 lx 5.0, fresh 306, ed Curtis cam, prepped p heads (ported and bigger valves). this miss seems to only occur at wot and above 4000 rpm, if my foot isn't in it as hard, it doesn't seem to miss. I can make a 3/4...
  4. 0

    Help Please

    Hey thanks for dropping in, I just bought a 2005 GT it has the 4.6 its a sweet car and has a strong motor. Paid 7k cash for it and its ot 152k miles. Im no fool i knew the car had something to fix i mean 7k dollars most of them are around 12 or more. The dealer ofc said nothing wron at all. Ok...