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  1. C

    Engine Help diagnosing a whine at low gas pedal pressures - 1998gt

    So while driving, there is an occasional whine that I personally hear coming from the passenger side when the gas pedal is pushed between a certain threshold. I hear the whine when the pedal is pushed 5% - 10% of the way to the floor if that makes sense. Other than then, I never hear it. I'm...
  2. C

    Help needed

    I have a 1995 mustang get 5.0 that recently the fuel pump went at least that’s what we thought so we replaced the pump tried starting the car and the fuel pump wasn’t getting power to it we checked the relays, fuses the wiring so we manually wire the fuel pump with a switch and we got the fuel...
  3. Eric_WTM

    Engine P1151 & P1131 appeared and I need help

    I have a 2003 Ford Mustang GT and as I was letting it warm up for work. I noticed that I had a check engine light for P1151 & P1131 and its saying that the car is running lean. The car is running poorly and I checked the fuel pressure "30psi" and the vacuum lines and there all good.
  4. J

    1989 wont start after motor swap

    im having some issues my old 5.0 in my 1989 gt wasnt running good and my dad had a complete with accessories 1994 5.0 that i could have so i swaped and put my 1989 upper and lower intake on the 94 block and kept the 94 accessory set up and put it in the car. i started it up started first try...
  5. R

    Need Advice On Project Mustang

    I just recently found a listing for a 1970 Mustang Coupe (I believe it's the coupe model) and I've always wanted to drive a classic muscle car, but it's in pretty rough shape. The author of the post said it runs but the interior is rusty and I assume the trunk is worse. This doesn't bother me...
  6. 1

    Forced Induction Newbie Needing Help

    New to the forum thing so not real sure if I am doing this correct. But here it goes. I am currently installing some upgrades to my 93 mustang. one being a v3 si trim vortech supercharger with Anderson Power pipe. i have questions on where to hook up the vacuum lines from the bypass valve (NO...
  7. J

    Please Help Can Not Figure Out Electrical Problem

    I just bought a 2003 mustang gt three weeks ago and I have been chasing an electrical gremlin. the person before had spliced in a custom alarm system and I found the tail light fuse was blown. some of the things that I have noticed is when the car warms up the battery light comes on. had the...
  8. D

    Electrical Tach Install

    hi there!, why not try a shot at asking some pros. I want to install a tach on my 97 GT, just not completely clear on where to tap in into the distributor to get the signal to the tach gauge it self. I understand that the other wires are ground, power, dimmer control. Power can be tapped into...
  9. J

    New Here! Longtube Header Help

    Hey all! Installing my new pacesetter longtube headers on my 2004 3.9 manual trans. I have the drivers side installed. The passenger side states to unbolt the trans mounting bolts and slide it left, but the header still hits the frame and the trans. I pulled the starter out of the way and its...
  10. 88mustang on a budget

    Engine Stock 5.0 Ho Build Up

    I got a stock 5.0 ho in my 88 I got about 1500 to spend off the bat which way should I go to get a good hp gain. Just a street car not a track ride. Ita got maf conversion under drive pulley cai bbk shorty heads and 2.5 h pipe and magnaflow pro series dumps. Its got new suspension lowering...