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    86 GT No Crank No Click No start

    So, I took the car to a welder for floor pans, got the car back and I had to get a new battery… Got the new battery, fixed the terminal connections. I’m running into an issue now where the car won’t start. I am able to start the car by creating a connection with a screwdriver to the solenoid.
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    1998 No crank after passenger motor mount replacement

    I just replaced the motor mount on the passenger side and flushed out the coolant in my car one after the other and now my car won’t even crank. It’s been raining pretty bad lately also. I noticed near the starter there’s a black wire (ground?) that doesn’t fit on any of the motor mount bolts...
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    Hey guys, new to the forum. Ive followed this forum for 2 years without making a account and have always been able to find useful information however, this time I need more in depth help. Im carburetor swapping my 1995 gt and i have the carb mounted, intake swapped, fuel pump deleted in the...
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    Engine 1991 Please Help -No Start No Click Starter Problems

    So I got a 91 foxbody 5.0 and it came with the silonoid disconnected and the NNS all 3 wires twisted together. So I hook the silonoid up get a battery and when I would touch the last battery terminal on it even without the key in I would here a loud starter click and when I would go to crank it...
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    86 5.0 Fox Body No Crank Issue (fusible Link/clutch Safety Switch)

    Hey guys, new to the group and the proud new owner of a 1986 302 GT, been on my car bucket list since I can remember, lots of plans! So here's the scoop; I traded the my 4runner for the car knowing it needed some work. Drove it for a few days before I went to go out and she wouldn't crank...