1998 No crank after passenger motor mount replacement


New Member
Apr 11, 2021
Tampa Bay, Fl
I just replaced the motor mount on the passenger side and flushed out the coolant in my car one after the other and now my car won’t even crank. It’s been raining pretty bad lately also. I noticed near the starter there’s a black wire (ground?) that doesn’t fit on any of the motor mount bolts. It seems to have been hanging there since before my replacement but I’m thinking it could be a ground for the starter possibly. I also am not getting any codes being thrown. Any ideas??
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This is the wire color for the pilot duty starter solenoid. Want to know for sure? Put a test light on the wire. Turn the key to start. Does the test light light?
I think you were right. Im not sure.. I've realized that the previous owners didn't put a nut on the bolt that this wire is supposed to be attached to, so it just kindof hangs onto the threads trying not to fall off. I must've knocked it loose when changing the motor mount.. I need to make a trip to lowes. Thanks