Hey guys, new to the forum. Ive followed this forum for 2 years without making a account and have always been able to find useful information however, this time I need more in depth help. Im carburetor swapping my 1995 gt and i have the carb mounted, intake swapped, fuel pump deleted in the tank, holley mounted on the body, return regulator mounted on the firewall. I pulled all of my harness as a complete piece from the transmission, up to the engine, over to the passenger fender, and down to the pcm. I also pulled the pcm out and am wanting to keep the entire harness intact because of the rare factor of 1994-1995 GT factory parts. I left the entire body harness, starter, alternator, and ac wiring. i have never had a issue with the vehicle starting, so I know that it is something I took off with the harness. How do I get it to turn over? I bypassed my clutch safety switch to be sure it isnt that. I still need to wire gauges, cooling fan, and whatever this starter issue is.

PS: The reasoning for this is because after swapping heads cam intake and full bolt ons i could not get it to run properly. it ran good but was not at its fullest potential at operating temperature.
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