no fuel pump and spark

  1. Nine Finger Wrenching

    Electrical 1989 Mustang GT no spark, no trigger pump relay

    So I'm not getting spark when I turn the car over, and when you turn key forward the fuel pump relay isn't turning on fuel pump like I thought it should. There is power to fuel pump relay, and you can jump the relay and the pump comes on. The relay is brand new so it has to be good...right? LOL...
  2. M

    no spark or fuel pump priming swap ecu

    I bought a pimpxs second hand. I sent to them everything came back good. Im having problems. I had my a9p ecu in it everything worked till it started leaking and then not fuel pump. I got the pimpxs and everything. Check the jumpers there all in the right places. But when I install it in the...
  3. C

    Help needed

    I have a 1995 mustang get 5.0 that recently the fuel pump went at least that’s what we thought so we replaced the pump tried starting the car and the fuel pump wasn’t getting power to it we checked the relays, fuses the wiring so we manually wire the fuel pump with a switch and we got the fuel...