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    95 mustang 5.0 no crank no start, went thru checklist..

    Hey everybody I have a problem with my car not cranking over. It started last fall when I was pulling it into storage I got at the end and it cut off.. I didn’t think much of it since it was where it needed to be and left..came back a couple weeks later to start it and no start. I pulled codes...
  2. J

    Electrical Car clicks once and loses power

    A few days ago I went off the road maybe going 35 due to slush on the road and lightly went into a field no visual damage done but I left it at a family members house after they got me till the weather cleared up. I drove it home after that and turned on my fans which are on a switch and almost...
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    Help Needed! 95 5.0

    Hey guys I've got a serious ignition issue and at this point im just looking for other opinions 1995 Mustang GT 5.0 Bored and Stroked to 347, 5 Speed, Convertible California Car. So this car has been an ongoing project, did the engine and have been having serious ignition gremlins since...