Electrical no start no crank no power. help please


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Sep 23, 2021
hello everyone i have an 85 mustang carbureted with msd6al, and an electronic fuel pump. about 3 months ago when i was driving and my wires going to my ignition coil came lose there was a huge backfire flames and gasoline got spit out the back of my car. it idled for about 30 more seconds before dying. The problem was when i went to start it again i had nothing. and by nothing i mean absolutely nothing. not a single light not even my power windows worked. the only way the car will start is if i basically hard wire directly from my battery to one of the wires running into my ignition switch but even so now it runs terrible as in breaking up popping from the exhaust. heres the things i have tried in order to fix the problem. sanded inside of distributor bought a new ignition coil bought a new connecter for the coil bought a new ignition switch cleaned the battery terminals cleaned the battery (clamps)?. ive used a voltmeter and found voltage at my msd box which is inside my car but no voltage leading to my ignition switch ive also replaced every fuse in the fuse box. ive also checked all grounds and voltage at the starter everything seemed fine but i still cleaned them just to be sure. if the car ran properly with it just hard wired i would do that but now its running rough and i dont want it to die on me again. yes i have tried to follow the lists of no crank no start but it never leads me to find anything. im assuming what ever im bypassing with the wire directly from the battery is causing the misfire/rough running condition. to add to how hard this is to figure out alot of the wiring has been hacked up. so in summary with it wired directly from the positive battery terminal to wires running into my ignition switch the car will run. But without that wire the car is dead no electronics at all and no sign of having voltage. so if anyone knows or has experienced this before please help me. thanks
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There is not much wiring to the starter. What does it have?
power wire going from the battery to the starter. and the ground wire going from the starter to two relays (not starter relays just normal ones) and then i lose the trail. but as said before ive checked voltage at the starter and its reading correctly also worth mentioning ive changed out the two relays
I'm sorry for the over simplification, but why not just use a Ford starter relay (as your car was designed for), ground starter to block and send a start signal to the pin on the starter relay?

As mentioned above, you probably have melted some fusible links - fix them.

Don't try to go around the system, fix it as it should be.