Electrical Car clicks once and loses power


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Jun 22, 2018
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A few days ago I went off the road maybe going 35 due to slush on the road and lightly went into a field no visual damage done but I left it at a family members house after they got me till the weather cleared up. I drove it home after that and turned on my fans which are on a switch and almost making it home the computer starting beeping and so i pulled over thinking it was something bad. When I checked everything it was fine and went to turn on the car and it did nothing. I had someone come jump start me then it started up perfectly and seemed to have lost power immediately after parking it in the drive way. I tried to start it and there was no power at all no lights would turn on. I unhooked the battery and stuff and after a while power came back on. Now it keeps doing that same thing and when I go to to turn it something click loud and sparks in the engine bay and loses power again until i mess with the battery a bit. I have a suspicion that something is grounded out but I'm not for sure because the wires do not look terrible.
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Jun 14, 2004
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Check the wires around the starter. Might have bent something over there and it's grounding out. Then check to see if the ground cable is tight on the block.

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