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    Fuel Weird ping at high RPM/ high load

    Hey everyone, this'll be my second post to the forum (and probably not the last). Anyway, I've got a pinging sound coming from my 2002 gt's engine ONLY after peak torque in 3rd/4th gear WOT (5spd manual). I observe my fuel pressure going down by about 4psi (totaling 36psi) every time this...
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    Need held, Strange Sound at Ignition

    I recently purchased my first project car, a mostly stock 92 5.0 w/ the exception of a trick flow top end kit and some other small upgrades that can be seen in the photo attached. Working on a budget I decided to replace the head gaskets myself with the help of some mechanically inclined friends...
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    Engine 1989 Mustang 5.0 Full Throttle Drops Rpm Hesitation And Popping Noises

    Hello, I have a 1989 Foxbody Mustang 5.0 and whenever I give the car full throttle the engine starts to die. It makes popping noises under the hood and if i keep my foot pushed down on the throttle all the way the rpm drops and it just makes popping noises. I replaced the fuel filter and have...