Need held, Strange Sound at Ignition


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Mar 3, 2020
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I recently purchased my first project car, a mostly stock 92 5.0 w/ the exception of a trick flow top end kit and some other small upgrades that can be seen in the photo attached. Working on a budget I decided to replace the head gaskets myself with the help of some mechanically inclined friends after seeing smoke and coolant dumping out of the exhaust. When I started tearing down the motor I noticed the intake gaskets were not in good shape so I properly replaced both intake gaskets without doing the head gaskets and reassembled to see if it ran without smoke. It then ran fine with no issues for a while but eventually it started pinging hard at higher speed, so I adjusted the distributor some but couldn't find the sweet spot so I redid the distributor installation process and timed it as best I could in what I comprehended as the correct direction and amount of degrees... I then started up the car and got this terrible sound in the attached video right after firing. I am thinking something to do with the crank since the sound is a consistent rotating noise. I haven't since touched the car because I am afraid it could also be detonation due to improper timing. Any tips on timing or knowledge on this sound would be super helpful as I'm pretty stuck with my limited knowledge and can't get it to a mechanic... Thanks


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General karthief

wonder how much it would cost to ship you a pair
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Aug 25, 2016
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Ok, with what I know about your car, which is very little, I give you the stuff from the beginning.
First there was Adam & Eve. Nope, wrong beginning. :doh:
FIrst you're gonna need to determine tdc (top dead center) so look at your balancer, it should have some marks on it, find the 0 and mark it, something in white works best, while your down there find 10* btdc (before top dead center) and mark it. Pull all the spark plugs out, makes turning the engine over easy, hold your thumb over the #1 spark plug hole and when you feel air coming out stop, you can stick a screwdriver in the hole and turn the engine by hand till you feel the piston move up, when it stops moving up that is tdc, if it moves down you went too far, back it up till it stops.
Pop the cap off the distributor and the rotor should point to #1 plug wire on the cap, if it does not the you will have to raise the distributor up, watching the rotor, it will move as it disengages the cam gear, move the rotor forward or backward to get it in the right place. i make a mark on the inside of the distributor where the #1 plug wire is. Makes it easy. Now replace the plugs, make sure you have the correct firing order, start it up and set the timing with a timing light, if you don't have a light then get one, will not work without it.


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Mar 3, 2020
lancaster PA
haha ok I will give the timing process another try. I do have a timing light but I had some trouble getting any kind of reading that would make sense. Thanks so much for the feed back!
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