plug wire

  1. BridgtonJeff

    1977 302w production date problem

    Hello all! I have recently acquired a '77 Ghia w/ 302w. Upon changing out the cap/rotor/plugs/wires I found that the 302w had two production phases that year: pre June 28th and June 28th on. Dealerships and part stores all offer different wire lengths for based on the split, neither of which...
  2. KaptKane

    Engine 1990 5.0 Engine "stutter" miss

    Newb here. My 90, 5.0 5 speed has developed an occasional "stuttering" type of engine miss at low RPM and lite throttle. Running it up through the gears at full throttle (thru 3rd anyway) it seems to run smooth and strong like it always has. I only seem to get that "stuttering" miss when like...