power windows

  1. M

    Power Windows

    96 vert gt power everything. My problem is the same one which has been asked at all pony forums I am a participant in. I have seen no analogous problem, so I recorded it malfunctioning, then starting to work, then stop – start – ablahblah. I have replaced the switch, and it still malfunctions...
  2. M

    Power windows not moving

    Hi all, I recently purchased a coupe 2006 Mustang V6. As I was driving around in it, my windows randomly stopped working. Won’t go up or down. My driver side window is stuck all the way down and my passenger is stuck with the window all the way up. Although, when I open and close my passenger...
  3. C

    Power Window Wiring

    Hi All, I bought a 1990 Foxbody hatchback. There are no door panels and the wiring harness for the power windows is missing. I am hoping someone has a wiring schematic to share so I can trace the wires from the fuse box through the doors by color. I am most interested in knowing how folks...
  4. F

    Newbie, Need Help With Fuses.

    So, I got this 06 mustang from an insurance company and got it fixed up, anyhow. The guy before me had left the amp and sub connections in the the car laying in the trunk, but he had left a power wire back there too that he left open and didnt put tape on. So you know, it touched the amp wire...
  5. Benz510

    Stupid Power Windows

    Please delete. Fat fingers pressed back and reposted.
  6. Benz510

    Power Windows

    Hey all, On my 89 Gt the passenger window seems to be acting up. It will roll down fine but as soon as i roll it up it starts to get mis aligned by just a "tad" as soon as it's an inch away of fully rolling up and won't roll up anymore. It gets stuck. I plan to take the door panels off since...